Boys Varsity Cross Country, Girls Varsity Cross Country · Cross Country Teams Finish in 5th Place at State Championship

Before dawn on Friday, November 3, the Grady Cross Country team boarded a bus and headed to Carrollton, Georgia for the GHSA State Championship Meet. The team was heading to the race that had been their goal since the first sweltering Summer run through Candler Park. This is the fifth year in a row that both the boys and girls teams qualified for the State Meet (the second in a row since class and region re-alignment).  Both teams finished in 5th place among a very strong field of more than 30 Class 5A teams from across the State of Georgia, exceeding pre-race predictions. Several of our runners had Top 20 finishes and a few had personal records for the course.  Complete results from the 5A races can be found here.  To see how Grady runners’ times compare to the runners across ALL classes of Georgia teams, see the Virtual Race results here.  Congratulations to the team on a wonderful season! Thank you to Coach Cramer, Coach Lambert and the entire cross country team for representing Grady well at the State Meet and throughout the season. Keep running! State Meet 2018 is less than a year away!

The following members of the Cross Country team traveled to the State Meet (top 7 competed):


1.        Aidan Goldston
2.          Isaiha Davis
3.          Bram Mansbach
4.          Elias Podber
5.          Luke Langan
6.          Kavi Jakes
7.          Brody Dowling
8.          Jack Palaian
9.          Miles Pearlstein
10.        Alex Tischer
11.        Ben Hall
12.        Josh Bockman
13.       Eric Slovensky
14.      Jack Rosen
15.        Joshua Jacobs

1. Walden Jones
2.  Anna Tischer
3.  Lindsay Schroeder
4.  Magda Dumitrescu
5.  Sadie Zweben
6.  Colleen Griffin
7.  Charlotte Spears
8.  Marisa Lopata
9.  Emily Sands
10.  Anna Fedorova
11.  MacKenzie York
12.  Ashley Sasser
13.  Lola Biddy
14.  Jessie Bouterse
15.  Sahana Parker
16.  Emily Schulz
17. Rebecca Chapman