Knights News · Grady Hall of Fame Nominations – Deadline 8/10

Who may nominate candidates?
Grady alumni, Grady faculty, current or retired Grady coaches, community members and current Grady students
may make nominations to the Athletic Hall of Fame.

What are the categories for nomination?
Athlete, Coach, and Contributor/Supporters (Donor/Volunteer/Administrators)

Who is eligible for nomination to the Athletic Hall of Fame?

  • Athletes are eligible five years after their graduation from Grady
  • Any retired Coach
  • Any active, inactive, or retired Contributor/Supporter (Donor/Volunteer/Administrator)

An eligible candidate made an outstanding impact on Grady sports. Their Grady career would be notable for its
distinction, honor and excellence.

How to nominate?
Complete a nomination form for each nominee and mail to:

Grady High School Athletics
ATTN: John Lambert
929 Charles Allen Drive NE
Atlanta, GA, 30309


email completed nomination form to John Lambert

The deadline is August 10th, 2018.