Knights News · Update Grady Tennis will play at Piedmont Park tennis center not Grady courts Tuesday Mayt 7 at 2p!

The 5A championship match will be played  at Piedmont Park Tennis center at 2p not the Grady courts!  This will alow all five matches to start at the same time. If you can join them, come out and support your Grady boys varsity tennis team as they compete for the state championship! Three grady Seniors will play in their final match for Grady!


Sr. Josh Wolfe 1S, Sr. Maximus Feightman 2S, Fr. Scott Whitley 1D, Fr. Teddy Suazo 1D, So. Colin Stanley 2D, So. Henry Edmeades 2D, and Sr. Jack Stegelman 3S will be in action tomorrow for the finals. Coached by Val Taylor and Jessica Chiddister.

Go Knights!