Knights News · Volunteer Opportunities for the Athletic Booster Club

Alumni/Membership Committee:
• grow membership and reach out to alumni for donations and participation in meetings.

Parking Lot Committee:
• line up volunteers for parking lot duty. Reach out to each individual team liaison and for help needed for the parking lot shifts.

Events Committee:
• Plan the Homecoming Dance, sell tickets and night of activities.
• Assist with Fall, Winter and Spring Awards Banquets

Sponsorship Committee:
• Work with Dr. Bockman and AD Johnson for selling banners at the fields. Coach Johnson has all the pricing and the contact person for the banners.

Merchandising Committee:
• Items will be sold online. The committee will work with coaches to determine “kits” that will be available at the start of each season for the players to purchase. This will provide uniformity to the school and the branding of Grady. This will also take away the financial responsibility for auditing purposes. The committee will be responsible for finding one shirt that will be available with Grady’s logo and then the specific team. Ex: Grady “Soccer”, Grady “Track & Field”, etc.

Feeder School Outreach Committee:
• Inman Middle School and Centennial need to be included in events like Cluster Night. Find ways to get these incoming students excited for Grady Athletics.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact the Grady Booster Club.