Knights News · Spring Sports Officially Cancelled

In an email to Georgia High Schools on Thursday April 2, GHSA Executive Director Robin Hines announced the official cancellation of all activities and sports for the 2019-2020 school year. In addition, he addressed two additional questions that have received a good deal of attention, eligibility extensions and the status of summer activities.

On the subject of additional eligibility, Hines made clear that “there are no plans to grant an additional year” of eligibility for seniors who’ve had their final season cut short or anyone else.  “The culmination of all activities of a student is to lead to graduation and this will have taken place for our seniors,” said Hines. “This is not the situation any of us would like to be in but the 8 semester rule will remain in effect.”

The status of summer activities is less certain, as “there is not enough information to make decisions at this time” and “there is no information available that would allow for any decision regarding when practices and workouts will be allowed.” There are no practices, games, meetings, outside facilities rentals, or other activities related to Athletics allowed until further notice.

While Grady Athletics fully supports this decision from GHSA, we understand what a tough blow it is to all our students, coaches, families, staff, and other individuals who have devoted so much time to this season. For our seniors especially, this is an ending that no one wanted and an especially hard pill to swallow. Hopefully we can all take comfort in the knowledge that this sacrifice, though minor in comparison to the larger stories of life-and-death around the world, will do its own part in helping to curb the spread of the CoronaVirus and deal with this national emergency.

We will continue providing additional updates as they become available. Thank you all for your patience and understanding, we will get through this together.

Go Knights!