Knights News · Grady Athletics to Resume June 15 Under Restrictions

In keeping with guidelines and recommendations from GHSA and APS, Grady Athletics will reopen team workouts on a restricted basis (Phase I: Summer Conditioning) beginning Monday, June 15. Only fall sports sanctioned by the GHSA will be allowed to return at this time and all workouts will be conducted under strict restrictions including types of activities, number limits, and tracking of symptoms. Grady will adhere to GHSA and APS guidelines in these activities, and all GHSA-sanctioned sport workouts are voluntary, meaning that student-athletes choose to participate in conditioning on their own accord.

This is not a decision regarding the reopening of schools or the use of APS facilities by the public, community access to APS schools, buildings, and facilities remains restricted until further notice. In addition, this does not mean that a final decision has been made on whether sports will be played in the fall.

You can read the Athletics Return to Play Recommendations for Phase I: Conditioning in its entirety on the APS website but here are a few important highlights:

  • Workouts will be limited to groups of 20 persons, including coaches, for all workouts per sport, across all times at each campus/facility. Groups will be the same individuals (including coaches) for each session to limit the risk of exposure. Students or coaches cannot change groups for the duration of this guidance.
  • Parents/caregivers, onlookers, visitors, and anyone else who is not part of that 20-person athletic group will not be allowed on APS campuses. Parents who drop off their children must leave the campus and return to pick up their children after workouts have been completed. Walkers, exercise groups, or outside groups are not allowed on APS campuses at any time.
  • Teams and athletes for the six fall high school GHSA sanctioned sports can resume restricted voluntary workouts under their coaches’ supervision but the approved workouts are for conditioning only. No scrimmages or equipment is allowed during this Phase I conditioning such as balls, gloves, bats, nets, etc.
  • All athletes and coaches must check in daily to have their temperatures and additional symptoms checked and recorded before being allowed to workout.  As with all employees who are coming to work sites, coaches will be wearing their personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • No water fountains or water cows will be allowed. Athletes should bring their own water bottles or schools will provide other single-use options. Teams cannot use the locker rooms except if necessary as restrooms only. Students must come dressed from home and return home.
  • Weight room equipment will be wiped down and sanitized after each use and in between workout sessions. Participants must maintain social distancing, and masks or face coverings are required.
  • APS will conduct frequent and random monitoring of all activity with high school and athletic department leaders reviewing progress with coaches at the end of every week.

As always, please continue to communicate directly with head coaches for specific information related to individual teams. Any questions or concerns can be directed to Athletic Director Patrick Johnson at and for more information and updates on Grady Athletics continue checking the website and follow the Knights all year on Twitter at @GradyAthletics.